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Local Caui Onions at Carlsbad Ranch Market

These fresh Local Maui-Type gourmet onions are the same variety of sweet onions that are grown in Hawaii. However, these are grown locally in the mild climate of North San Diego County with excellent results. Planted in the winter for spring and summer harvest, these gourmet treats are delivered fresh from the garden to Carlsbad Ranch Market starting in May.

The garden soil in which the onions are grown has a relatively low sulfur content contributing to their exceptionally sweet flavor. Annually, the soil is amended with organic fertilizer and natural compost. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used on these plants. Watering is accomplished by a drip irrigation system thus conserving our precious water supply.

Not only are these Caui onions very sweet, but they are also very juicy due to the high water content. These flavorful onions can be used in many ways. They are excellent raw, thinly sliced in a salad, on a sandwich or hamburger, or diced and added to a salsa. These onions complement any summer dish. And, they are even sweeter when sautéed, grilled, marinated with other vegetables in a kebob, or used in your favorite sauces. They make excellent French Onion soup. Try them for your next BBQ. You won’t be disappointed.

Gourmet Caui Onions can be stored frozen for use in your favorite winter dishes such as stew, chili, meat loaf, roasts, or any prepared cooked dish. Simply cut, slice or dice according to your needs and store in a freezer bag. Double freezer bagging is recommended. Then place them in the freezer for later use. Stock up today and enjoy year-round!


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