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Eat Healthy at Carlsbad Ranch Market

In an article by Shereen Lehman, she recommends we give up the fad diet and instead of worrying about the mirror and clothing size, we think about our health. Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to be a size 2 or a size 0. It means feeling good physically and emotionally. It means having energy and enjoying every day.

After reading this article, we believe the answer to most of her suggestions is to shop at Carlsbad Ranch Market! Her suggestions follow, but you can read more by linking to the article.

#1 Know Your Healthy Foods: The first step is to know what foods are good for you. It’s fairly simple, the closer a food is to its natural state; the better it is for you

#2 Assess Your Lifestyle: Once you learn which foods are good for you, you need to look at your eating habits.

#3 Solutions for Snackers: Keep the junk food like potato chips, tortilla chips, ice cream, and candy out of the house. Buy healthy snacks like fruits, crunchy vegetables with hummus or nuts instead.

#4 Tips for dining out: Select smaller portions like an appetizer and soup or salad. Share a plate. Take half home in a doggie bag. Keep fast food dining to a minimum, don’t go with the super sizes, and choose places that offer more fresh foods. (Hint—Carlsbad Ranch Market)

#5 Hate to Cook? Cook more meals at home and/or purchase prepared foods from markets that specialize in healthy, whole foods. (Hint—Carlsbad Ranch Market)

#6 Don’t skip meals.

#7 Control portion size.

#8 Tame your sweet tooth.

#9. Things you won’t give up: Do in small portions, and give yourself a treat every once in awhile

#10 Rome wasn’t built in a day—you can’t do it overnight. Keep at it and improve over time.


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