“CRM provides local, fresh, fair trade, sustainable, products, in a vibrant, clean, farm like setting staffed by friendly, smiling, informative grocers.”

CRM has created a clear mission that is founded on quality personal relationships with customers, employees, and community leaders involving honesty, integrity, and teamwork. The service, corporate culture and atmosphere of the business is perceived by the customer as being a one of a kind neighborhood business committed to contributing to the community and the cultivation of local and neighborhood resources.

Elements include:

  1. Locally sourced produce and natural products whenever possible
  2. Fresh, healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu
  3. Fair trade, non-GMO, products
  4. High quality Boar’s Head deli cheese and meats
  5. Locally sourced grocery products e.g. bread, water, beverages, dairy, cookies and crackers, pasta, etc.
  6. Farm stand, modern, colorful, open air ambiance and brand
  7. Superior service performed by smiling, attentive, uniformed, clean personnel
  8. Modified self-serve cafeteria style fast food in a smaller real estate footprint
  9. Competitive pricing that is value based and value marketed
  10. Informed service employees who are concerned about the customer’s well being